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Teaching Innovation of the Year

In an increasingly competitive academic and recruitment landscape, those universities and placement providers adapting traditional methods or developing alternate ways to offer interesting, innovative and engaging methods of teaching will be most noticed. The use of technology has naturally been especially in the spotlight during the pandemic, with many education staff working from home or students doing virtual placements. This is an award that looks for any teaching method that is workable, successful and potentially sustainable – including (but not limited to) use of social networking, modern communication media or new technology.


A novel idea that has been introduced at some point between April 2019 and December 2020 that helps student nurses or midwives improve their understanding of academic subjects or clinical skills in a healthcare setting by a healthcare provider or by a university;

Proof of the popularity and success of the innovation;

Evidence that it enriches learning and improves standards of teaching;

Demonstration that the idea is potentially sustainable.

Please attach any supporting evidence to your application that you feel is relevant. This can include testimonials, student feedback or student evaluations or any other appropriate evidence.

We strongly recommend sending videos and photographs to bring your environment to life. Please provide any evidence of dissemination of the idea if relevant.

This award is open to entries from any education provider or any university. This award is open to any idea introduced on any course of any size at any stage before 31 December 2021.


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