Epra | Leadership and Entrepreneurial Awards

Best Association Team

This category will be awarded to the Best Association Team demonstrating outstanding successes as a result of a highly skilled workforce and strong teamwork. The judges will be looking for:

Evidence of the team working together to overcome particular challenges

Team strategies that have brought proven advancement to the association and its members.

Success criteria in meeting targets and goals

Evidence of improved services to members

Further advancement of the aims of the association

All fields are required


Entrants have a maximum of 1,000 words in which to convince the judges that they are worthy of winning this award. 3 files of supporting material of no more than 4 pages each can also be included. Video footage can be submitted but should be sent as a link within the main body of the entry and should be no more than 2 minutes in length.

Suggestions as to what could be covered are listed below. 

Give some background to the entry and context

Explain any challenges that needed to be overcome and evidence any targets set

Include any feedback demonstrating effective teamwork

Outline any specific innovation, novel techniques, creativity or imaginative problem solving that was inherent to the team.

What was the resultant benefit to the association and its membership?

Give any other information regarding the team which you think would help convince the judges that you should win this award