Epra | Leadership and Entrepreneurial Awards

Nurse Education Provider of the Year (Pre-Registration)

This award will recognise those universities that offer high standards of academic and practical teaching, and excellent resources that inspire their students and nurture their development.


An outstanding educational institution offering a nursing or midwifery course or courses that demonstrates excellence in:

Offering an educational environment that nurtures and develops the talent of qualified nurses and midwives

Recruiting talented teaching staff who inspire, enthuse and motivate as well as educate

Providing resources that give students plenty of scope to consolidate their academic training

Developing teaching methods that enrich the learning experience and deepen understanding

Providing emotional and practical support for students during their course of study through guidance and coaching

Developing and upholding the professionalism of nurses and midwives

Nurturing students’ academic achievements, practical skills and interpersonal and communication qualities

Evidence of supporting students through the transition to online learning as a result of the pandemic

Providing career advice and practical guidance

Please attach any supporting evidence to your application that you feel is relevant. This can include testimonials, student feedback or student evaluations or any other appropriate evidence. Be aware that testimonial evidence while important is not all that is expected in your submission.


Testimonial from students who have benefited from your approaches to teaching and learning, mentor-ship, coaching or other support

Evidence of evaluation of your teaching and leadership skills which might include student evaluation, attainment data, evidence of changes to policy and practices

Evidence of student achievements outside of assessed work, for example, opportunities taken to participate in local or national projects and schemes that support development

Evidence of supporting the development of social capital, confidence, and leadership skills in students

Evidence of dissemination via publication, conference presentation or public engagement

We also strongly recommend sending videos and photographs to bring your learning environment to life.

If you are shortlisted for this award, and with coronavirus conditions permitting, you will be invited to attend our covid-19 secure offices to present to the judges. The shortlist will be informed of any changes to the final judging process.