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International Women Empowering Others Award

Many young women are passionate about empowering others. The EPRA International Women Empowering Others Award acknowledges and celebrates the commitment of young women in initiating and leading activities which enable change in the lives of women and girls locally, nationally and/or internationally.

Outline the program, project or initiative that the nominee has been involved with to empower women and girls.

What specific outcomes and successes has the nominee achieved or been involved with to empower.

Why is the nominee’s program or initiative needed?

Who has benefited from the programs/initiatives?

Describe any barriers or difficulties the nominee has encountered.

Outline the training and/or education of the nominee and how this may have contributed to her ability to empower.

In 25 words (2-3 sentences), please summarise your nomination; highlighting your achievements and impacts made. This summary will be used for all media purposes and onstage presentations at the gala dinner.

EPRA 2023 Nomination Form

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