Producer Rising Star Of The Year

Open to all new film producers authorised film making between 2017 to 2019 in the UK/European/ African and Global

The Producer Rising Star is often the first person to get involved in a project. Or they may be the agent-style Producer who focuses on the deal. The many responsibilities of the producer span all four phases of production. In the Development stage, Producers are often responsible for coming up with the idea for a production, or selecting a screenplay. Producers secure the rights, choose the screenwriter and story editing team. They raise the development financing and supervise the development process

Have experience of working in the film industry
Have a good business sense
Have a good understanding of finance
Have good creative vision
Be self-motivated
Be good at negotiating
Be good at motivating people
Be good at problem-solving
Understand the creative processes of filmmaking
Be able to secure finance for the production
Be able to prepare and control the production budget
Have excellent communication skills
Be able to work well under pressure and motivate the production team
Ensure compliance with regulations and codes of practice
Understand the relevant health and safety laws and procedure

Evidence is needed including profile or sort video documentary

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