Inspiring Youth Leader of the Year

Most Inspiring Youth Leader of the Year
In this category we will be judging based on the impact that the youth leader has created in the society in various sectors including, entertainment industry, the creative industries, manufacturing, social enterprise, education, health, activism, politics and more. We will also be focusing on the challenges the youth leaders face and how they have successfully found solutions that inspire their generation. We will be looking into their abilities to innovate in an ever changing global village that requires efficient pace makers. The following are the criteria for successful submissions:
Impact in community: In what way have your leadership strategies added value to your community and transformed lives?

Changes implemented to improve lives: What changes did you make to benefit the youth you are leading?

Strategic Impact: How have you been able to visibly work with the youth to attain a success overall strategy?

Use of leadership skills: To what extent did you use your leadership skills to deliver good services to the community?
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