Insurance Claims Team Of The Year

The judges will be looking for evidence a Team lines claims teams success over the previous 11/19 months through a mixture of technical ability, the application of innovative ideas and the quality of the service offered to claimants, whether through a routine claims service or following research into particular claims issue(s).

The judges will be looking for evidence of success and this could include surpassing set targets or KPIs for reduced leakage, increased fraud repudiation, quicker settlement, increased customer satisfaction or a combination thereof.

Open to specific teams in any claims department or section of a UK regulated insurer, Lloyd’s syndicate, MGA or broker with delegated claims authority, public authority claims department or self-insured corporate.

Name of company being entered for the award:
Your 100 word “why you deserve to win…” declaration
The customer need/s you addressed: (max 350 words)
The solution/service for the need/s: (max 350 words)
The results/impact of the solution/service: (max 350 words)
Testimonials: (max 350 words)

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