Corporate Events Team of the Year

Open to any corporate event planners that organise any type of B2B event

Overview: Are you a corporate events team that has a stand-out year? Achieved record financial results/delegate numbers? Introduced new events? Improved the service for stakeholders? Provide a brief overview of your team and what makes them the best-in-class.

Results: Demonstrate the success of your team in the last year, including details of the ROI of the events. Please detail the amount of business achieved, financial information on the performance of the event in comparison to the previous year(s), stakeholder testimonials and delegate feedback.

Case studies: Please include two short case studies of B2B events delivered for the business, describing the objectives, delivery and results/ROI for each event.

Future strategy: How is the team looking to build on its success from the last 12 months? What new events, initiatives and strategies that the team are looking to implement in the future?

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